Adding fish to your diet may ward off Alzheimer’s

Adding fish to your diet may ward off Alzheimer’s

Did you know that 5.1 million Americans are affected by Alzheimer's? This disease affects the brain. The Radiological Society of North America recently shared the findings of a study that stated consuming fish baked or broiled once a week may ward off Alzheimer's. This study was recently conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre.

There have been many studies before that have linked including fish in one’s diet to boosting the brain.

The disease of Alzheimer's is a condition that is similar to dementia. This disease affects memory, the way of thinking and behaviour. Symptoms develop over time and they do so   slowly. Eventually the symptoms become very severe - so severe that daily tasks are hard to do. Sadly there is no cure for Alzheimer's yet.

The University of Pittsburgh’s study suggests eating non-fried fish will help prevent the shrinking of the brain, the decline of memory, and everything that is associated with Alzheimer's. Two hundred and sixty adults participated in this research. The researchers tracked the participants for more than 10 years. The data collected showed that 163 participants consumed fish every week. Most of the participants had fish 3 or 4 times a week.

Regardless of background, such as education, gender, physiological capability, or age, the study confirms that consuming baked or broiled fish once a week resulted in better memory.

The volume of the brain and how the memory performed was analysed. The statistical findings were calibrated and compared to MRI scans, which supported the findings. The MRI scans were done before and after the analysis.

The study concludes by stating eating more fish during the week gives you better memory.





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