What Effects Does Quitting Smoking Have on Your Body

What Effects Does Quitting Smoking Have on Your Body

We all know that smoking is injurious for health. But are you aware about the changes that take place in your health after you quit smoking? You can think about having one cigarette at a time. If you avoid smoking for one single day, you can find all the advantages right at that time. This can then turn to months and this can become your habit eventually. Here are the ways in which your body responds if you go longer without taking a puff. Your health starts improving from the first day you choose not to have cigarette. You can even decrease the level of carbon monoxide in your body. The deadly chemical affects your body and it can carry oxygen. From the very beginning, your heart and blood pressure starts returning to heart and blood pressure and it then returned to normal. Your clothes, breath and hair starts smelling better. In the second week, your body starts breathing better and it can get repaired by the damage that is caused by tobaccos. Your chest pain starts decreasing now and you even get less of shortness of breath. After a month, your blood circulation gets better throughout your body. Your body begins producing less of phlegm and the lungs begin functioning properly. Just after a few months, breathing becomes much easier and your lungs start functioning in a better way. Your body now becomes capable of fighting against infections. Ultimately, you get rid of smoking habit.




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