Puberty age affects many diseases

Puberty age affects many diseases

A study suggests that puberty can develop a wide range of diseases like cancer and diabetes. If you start early or late, you can alter 48 separate condition and this includes the menopause age. As per the Scientific Reports, early puberty increases you to get affected by type 2 diabetes by 50%. The researchers said that puberty could have a huge impact on the health of people. The MRC Epidemiology Unit Team at the University of Cambridge used data of health of British people. 

The ages of first period of girls were recorded and the starting period of puberty was difficult to be defined in men. This record was compared to the data of rest of the girls that were collected in their age group. Dr. Felix Day said that it is really amazing to see how can diseases affect the teenagers in an adverse manner. The early puberty in girls starts usually between 8 and 11 while the late puberty starts between 15 and 19. On the other hand, the men normally have puberty between 9 – 14. 

Some of the diseases that was linked with early or late puberty were breast and cervical cancer, heart attack, hypertension, angina, stillbirth, asthma, obesity, glaucoma, etc. Hormones have implicated some conditions such as cancer and researchers can have little idea that can contribute to various diseases like asthma. BBC News is very fascinating and its effect can be very astonishing in the middle age of people. The puberty age keeps on changing with the changing time. 



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